Monalisa Bridal Studio Salon & Training Academy

Monalisa Bridal Studio Salon & Training Academy

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Elevate your beauty experience at The Monalisa Bridal Studio Salon & Training Academy, where luxury meets expertise. Join us on a journey of excellence, making your dream look a reality

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Our Story

About Us

Our Story

Monalisa Academywas founded by makeup artist and hairstylist Vijaya Ramineni I Started the academy with “As a dedicated makeup educator, my mission is to share my expertise and knowledge with aspiring makeup artists. With a background in the beauty industry and a passion for teaching, I strive to empower students to unlock their full creative potential. Through hands-on training, comprehensive tutorials, and in-depth knowledge of makeup techniques and products, I aim to inspire the next generation of makeup artists to excel in this dynamic and artistic field”.

Our Mission

“Our mission as makeup educators is to foster creativity, empower individuals with the skills and confidence to express their unique artistry, and provide a solid foundation in makeup techniques. We aim to cultivate a diverse and inclusive community of makeup enthusiasts and professionals, offering comprehensive education that embraces the latest trends, product knowledge, and industry standards. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of makeup artists who can thrive in the ever-evolving world of beauty and cosmetics, all while emphasizing the importance of self-expression and individuality in the art of makeup.”

Our Courses

Monalisa Bridal Studio Salon & Training Academy

Our Professional Courses

“Unlock Your Beauty Potential: Where Makeup, Hair, Saree, Skin, and Nails Meet Excellence”
which covers makeup, hair, saree draping, skincare, and nail care, offers a comprehensive and diverse beauty education. Students will gain a well-rounded understanding of the beauty and grooming industry, from makeup artistry to hair styling, traditional attire like saree draping, skincare techniques, and nail care. This holistic approach ensures that students are equipped with a wide range of skills, making them versatile and knowledgeable beauty professionals who can meet the needs of a diverse clientele. It’s a well-rounded and valuable course that can open doors to a variety of career opportunities in the beauty and fashion industry.

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“After completing our course, we don’t just enhance your skills; we boost your confidence. And we don’t stop there; we provide you with the leads to success in the beauty and grooming industry.”

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Monalisa Bridal Studio Salon & Training Academy